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About Us

We get it! Its not easy being an artist : Having those who not only support you but understand your creative flow is what we specialize in. We aim to help you reach your goal through the diversity of programs we have to offer!

Our Mission Is: To utilize the dynamic power of the A.R.T.S. to make a positive change for artists and the community with the ultimate creative spaces/events for creative freedom.

More About Us

Where it started. Our Founder, De-Mi Woodfork, found that as an artist himself,

many other artists were struggling to develop and find the space to create. So he planned this organization to bridge the gap of artistic expression.

WHY NOW. The A.R.T.S. community needs a greater support system than those put into place.

We currently have several artistic programs in the state of Tennessee but they are mostly ran by non-artists telling artists what to do with their art craft and how to do it. Artists need a support system that understands them whole-heartedly.

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Are you looking to expand your resume and experience!? Then join our team as we work toward making a community change through the A.R.T.S.!